Connecticut Home Bedroom Interior Design and Furnishings by GailGray Home

Connecticut Home Bedroom

GailGray Home designed a homey, cozy bedroom for a home located in Connecticut. The home furnishings and accessories were hand-selected for this home’s unique style.

The painted blue-gray walls and the deep brown bed frame bring warmth to the room and contrast well with the white framing around the windows, the baseboards, and the white fireplace. The bed is completed with checkered print fabric in white and navy blue. The checkered print takes place in other parts of the room as well. The curtains on the windows include this print. These bring out a kind of grid theme to the space – using the bed linens, curtains, and even the windows.

The gray rug adds yet another cozy color to the room and blends well with the white of the fireplace and the blue-gray on the walls. Other decorations of this homey space include identical wall-mounted lamps on each side of the fireplace. In between is a picture with a water feature – this adds yet another shade of blue to the room.

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