Connecticut Home Sunroom Designed by GailGray Home

Connecticut Home Sunroom

A Connecticut Home Sunroom designed by GailGray Home Interior Design Team. This bright, spacious room is the perfect place to sit back and relax. The furniture and accessories in this space, such as the table, chairs, rug, and pendant light were hand-selected for the Connecticut Home’s style. There are lots of neutral colors and tones that create a cozy atmosphere in the home. The high ceilings allow the full-length windows to illuminate the space and bring an enormous amount of light to the room.

There is a vast amount of geometric shapes being used in this room which allows it to look pleasing to the eye. We have the grid like layout of the windows and doors that also line up with the angles of the room. These grids along with the space between each window allow your eyes to travel through the space and look upwards. This gives the illusion of there being more space in the room. The more rounded objects are focused in the center of the room – making it kind of a focal point and draws your eyes to that spot.

The middle of the room houses the deep wood toned round table – making it the only object in the space with a deeper neutral tone. The blush toned chairs with rounded backs add a bold accent color to the space. The rounded pendant light hanging from the ceiling is another piece that allows your eye to wander up and down the space. To complete the room is a rug with blush, tan, and gray tones. The shape of the rug is similar to the shape of the room, which adds to that clean aesthetic.

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