Your home reflects who you are and where your adventure unfolds. Style is very personal, and our priority is to help you tell your story through colors, patterns, and textures. The GailGray Interior Design team offers full interior design services; from a simple update to complete overhaul projects, our team will work with you to create a jaw-dropping space all within your timeline and budget. Our residential and commercial services include residential and commercial interior design, in-house upholstery and holiday decorating.

But oh, the fun of arriving at a house and feeling the immediate spark which tells you that you are going to have a good time.” – Mark Hampton

GailGray Home Interior Designer, Carolyn Gagnon, Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
Carolyn Gagnon – Owner & Interior Designer

A native of coastal Connecticut, Carolyn moved to Pennsylvania in her early 20s and has called the Lehigh Valley home ever since. A love of traveling and seeing firsthand how people live in different cultures has fueled her love of architecture and home design. “Nothing is as personal as someone’s home, the space they live, love and escape from everyday life! Every home tells a different story. Helping people to genuinely love their home has been a lifelong passion of mine!”

Carolyn got her start in the design industry at Sherwin Williams, after which she worked doing space planning and design for both residential and commercial projects. In 2006 Carolyn received her degree from Sheffield School of Interior Design, and in 2010 she joined the GailGray team where she has held almost every position in the store. In 2022 Carolyn took the helm as owner and is excited to work alongside her amazing team to continue growing the GailGray tradition of being the Valley’s leading Home Furnishings and Design Store.

GailGray Home Interior Designer, Anthony Sierra, of Lehigh Valley PA
Anthony Sierra – Interior Designer

With an Interior Design Degree from Parsons School of Design, Anthony uses his talents to create some of the most stunning interiors in the Valley. His ability to understand his clients and elevate any style reflects his love of interior design and the countless hours that he spends researching and finding exactly the right look for whatever project he is working on. His eye for detail, work ethic and ability to pull together any style is what truly sets him apart and makes his projects stand out.

GailGray Home Store Coordinator, Karin Graver
Morghan Green – Interior Designer

Morghan is an inspiration to all guests at GailGray Home and an integral part of our design team! With a Communications Degree from Chestnut Hill College and an Interior Design Degree from Northampton, Morghan uses her talents to create stunning 3-D renderings and floor plans for her design projects. Her ability to listen, visualize and work in depth with her clients helps step up her design projects to the next level and allows her to produce excellence in all of her designs!  

GailGray Home Store Manager and Customer Care, Debbie Collins
Bruce Kromka – 3D Project Visualizer

Bruce is an outgoing individual with an incredible personality with determination to help customers and clients achieve their dream space built on quality. His ability to develop “lifelike” renderings helps visualize a space before the work begins and therefore creates a trusting relationship with his clients. Not only does Bruce have an Interior Design Degree, but he also has an Architecture Degree from Northampton as well, making him a well-rounded attribute to our GailGray Home design team! 

GailGray Home Store Manager and Customer Care, Debbie Collins
Debbie Collins – Store Manager + Customer Care

Debbie acts as a liaison between our customers, designers, manufacturers and contractors making sure that the lines of communication remain open and to ensure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. She oversees all design projects from the time they are ordered until they are delivered into the client’s home. She finds that detail and organization is a key ingredient to the success of your interior design project. She is the glue that holds our interior design team together.

GailGray Home Store Coordinator, Karin Graver
Karin Graver – Home Store Coordinator

Karin is our Home Store Coordinator. A graduate of Kutztown University with a Bachelors in Fine Art, she uses her 20 plus years of Visual Merchandising and Retail Experience to create constantly changing stunning and inspirational spaces in our store. Karin’s sense of style and understanding customers’ needs and requests gives her a unique ability to find the perfect choice when asked for advice.

GailGray Home Store Coordinator, Karin Graver
Victoria Ashton – Social Media Coordinator

Victoria is the eye behind the camera giving you a glimpse into our beautiful store. With a Photography Degree from Antonelli Institute and a Fine Arts Degree from Delaware College of Art & Design, Victoria’s visual talent makes her perfect at showcasing not only our store but also some of our favorite design projects.

GailGray Home Store Coordinator, Karin Graver
Gretchen Green – Bookkeeper

Gretchen first began working at GailGray Home as a sales associate and officially became our bookkeeper in 2022! She is responsible for the day-to-day bookkeeping for the firm and keeps us right on track. Always smiling and saying hello to all, Gretchen is a huge aspect to our GailGray Home team, and we appreciate everything she does!

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