Your home reflects who you are and where your adventure unfolds. Style is very personal, and our priority is to help you tell your story through colors, patterns, and textures. The GailGray Interior Design team offers full interior design services; from a simple update to complete overhaul projects, our team will work with you to create a jaw-dropping space all within your timeline and budget. Our residential and commercial services include residential and commercial interior design, in-house upholstery and holiday decorating.

But oh, the fun of arriving at a house and feeling the immediate spark which tells you that you are going to have a good time.
– Mark Hampton

Gail Gray Dunn Proprietor of GailGray Home and Interior Design Team
Gail Gray Dunn – Proprietor + Interior Designer

Gail attends many trade and design shows throughout the year to keep her store/design studio fresh and inspiring. Her remarkable skill for creating trend-setting retail vignettes has earned the firm’s recognition as a two-time winner of the ARTS award for Best Home Accents Store and Top 50 Retail Star.

Favorite Design Element – Finishing touches….accessories, lighting, window treatments, artwork, etc. that make the room go from ho-hum to WOW!

GailGray Home Interior Designer, Carolyn Gagnon, Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
Carolyn Gagnon – Interior Designer

Interior Designer, Carolyn Gagnon, has been an amazing part of the GailGray team for over 10 years. She graduated in 2006 from Sheffield School of Interior Design and has experience in both residential and commercial design. 

Favorite Design Element – Paint! Just by changing the color of a room can give it a completely different “mood” even if nothing else in the room is changed!

GailGray Home Interior Designer, Anthony Sierra, of Lehigh Valley PA
Anthony Sierra – Interior Designer

Anthony loves to find that classic piece that will stand the test of time in his design aesthetic. He graduated in 2015 from Parsons School of Design. He listens to his client’s and makes sure he pays attention to all the design details when working with them on their project.

Favorite Design Element – Ambient, task and accent lighting can make or break a design. A chandelier, table and floor lamps are just a few examples of how to provide layers of light in a space, transforming a room from uninviting and cold to cozy and warm.

GailGray Home Store Manager and Customer Care, Debbie Collins
Debbie Collins – Store Manager + Customer Care

Debbie acts as a liaison between our customers, designers, manufacturers and contractors making sure that the lines of communication remain open and to ensure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. She oversees all design projects from the time they are ordered until they are delivered into the client’s home. She finds that detail and organization is a key ingredient to the success of your interior design project. She is the glue that holds our interior design team together.

GailGray Home Store Coordinator, Karin Graver
Karin Graver – Home Store Coordinator

Karin is our Home Store Coordinator. A graduate of Kutztown University with a Bachelors in Fine Art, she uses her 20 plus years of Visual Merchandising and Retail Experience to create constantly changing stunning and inspirational spaces in our store. Karin’s sense of style and understanding customers’ needs and requests gives her a unique ability to find the perfect choice when asked for advice.

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