Bethany Beach Home Dining Room Design

Bethany Beach Home Dining Room

GailGray Home designed the Bethany Beach Home Dining Room This cool-toned space features not only a dining room table but also a sitting area. This makes it the perfect place for hosting a get-together or a grand meal.

The symmetry of the dining room adds a sense of a clean, balanced aesthetic. This allows the space to become more harmonious and inviting to guests. The grid of the windows and doors add to the symmetry as well.

Although this space is mostly of neutral colors, the deep tone and texture of the dining room table make it the perfect gathering place. The color also makes it stand out as the main focal point of the room.

The chandeliers and lamps in a bronzed tone aim to act as complementary tones to the whites and grays of the space. The chandeliers especially work to show the height and space of the room.

The blue of the pillows on the sofas and the bowls on the tables add just the right amount of color to accentuate that beachy tone.

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