Bethany Beach Home Kitchen

GailGray Home designed this Bethany Beach Home Kitchen. This kitchen is the perfect space to host gatherings and cook grand meals. Mix and match cabinetry are common in kitchens – especially when in neutral tones.

In this particular kitchen, a large black kitchen island takes center stage. White surrounding cabinetry complements the marble waterfall counter over the island. Black appliances and fixtures add contrast. By using neutral colors on not only the cabinetry and the appliances, but also the backsplash, it allows the sea green of the wall to stand out.

The sea green color is a calm and relaxing color – perfect for the location as it fits the beachy vibes. This specific color, conveys the sense of tranquility. The reason being it contains blue – the color of the sky and water. Green is a common color for balancing emotion and feeling a sense of clarity.

Similarly, the medium hardwood floor provides warmth and another neutral tone to the space. This adds another calming tone to the area.

The pendant lighting over the island is quite common in kitchen design. It also adds intensity and puts attention on the waterfall island. This island design is perfect for multiple reasons. It protects the base cabinets by acting as a barrier and keeps them from getting damaged.

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