Bethany Beach Home Stairway Furnished with Beach Inspired Wall Decor

Bethany Beach Home Stairway

This stairway designed by GailGray Home is another example of a well put together space. The hand-selected décor pays homage to the home’s location at the shore.

The large window provides the perfect amount of natural light. This space also provides a sense of structure – this is from the horizontal and vertical lines.

We get the horizontal lines of the baseboard and the textures of the wall and the horizontal lines of the multicolored rug. The rug consists of deep, ocean like blues along with accent tones of whites, grays, and light blues.

The vertical lines of the walls, the window, and the poles of the staircase add to the sense of balance and structure.

The deep brown shade the banister and the hardwood floors allow the other tones to pop. This also includes the pendant lighting – complete with candleholder type lightbulb holders. This style of lighting, similar to a chandelier, adds another vertical line and allows your eye to wander around the space. Especially moving up towards the ceiling and feeling a sense of space and height.

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