Bethany Beach Home Bedroom

GailGray Home designed the bedroom in this Bethany Beach Home. This spacious room is complete with coastal tones and furniture. Every detail of this design was well-thought-out, even down to the selection of furniture and decorations.

The canopy bed in the center of the room is perfect for a space of this size. Beds of this type are best used in large rooms that also provide lots of natural light. The neutral tones of the bed keep the overall tone of the room calm and relaxing. It also allows the accent colors of the space to pop. The linear structure of the bed emphasizes the minimalist design. This structure takes place in the pattern of the pillows as well as the picture frame behind the bed. These vertical lines allow your eye to move higher in the room – emphasizing the space and height of the space.

The light blues and sea greens in this space bring out the beachy theme of the space and the home. Sky blue is the perfect color for walls and furnishings for its link to water – creating a relaxing atmosphere. The calming qualities make it the perfect color for bedrooms.

The use of shades like sea green tend to be associated with nature – giving the sense of freshness and renewal.

The décor in this beach home bedroom is complete with those coastal colors and shapes that add to the aesthetic.

The nightstands and tall drawers allow for not only extra storage, but also fit the tone of the room. Additionally, their tops allow for more decoration – similar to the identical lamps on the nightstands.

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