Florida Residence Guest Bathroom

This Florida Residence Guest Bathroom was designed and furnished by GailGray Home. The mostly white palette of the room brings a sense of clarity, cleansed feeling. The overall color palette also brings a spa-like atmosphere with the patterned tile in the shower, the marble-like countertop on the sink and the glass walls. Using glass in a bathroom allows the space to appear larger than it is. This is because of the transparency of glass which allows one to see through it to the wall – opens the space.

The dark pieces in the space add warmth to the room, and pair well with the décor and accessories in a gold finish. The finish is seen in the shower fixtures and handles along with the sink fixtures, frame of the mirror, and the wall-mounted lamp. The tissue holder and the picture on the toilet provide that accent color as well. This allows for the space to come together and work as a whole to complete the space. The mirror above the sink also acts as a way to make the bathroom feel larger in space.

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