Florida Residence Guest Room

This Florida Residence Guest Room was designed and furnished by GailGray Home and has a homey, but mature atmosphere. To achieve this feel, the color theme was neutral – specifically tans, deep wood tones, whites, and grays. Neutral tones never go out of style and allow for versatility and bring a sense of warmth to the room. The tan, textured walls increase the visual appeal of the room and create a cleaner look overall – especially when working to make the space look more grown-up. The walls also bring out the brightness of the carpeting – illuminating from the natural light coming in the large windows.

The placement of the canopy bed allows the guest to see the sights and views outside the windows. The deep wood tones of the bed contrasts well with the bed linens and the carpeting. The tones also match well with the nightstands and dresser. The accessories and décor provide other accent colors such as the art on the walls and the vases and lamp on the dresser and nightstands.

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