Florida Residence Guest Bedroom

This Florida Residence Guest Bedroom was designed by GailGray Home includes furnishings and accessories from the store. The sea blue color palette of the room makes it perfect for the location and gives the room a calm, relaxing feel. The light blue-green walls bring the benefits of both colors. The use of green brings relaxation and relieves stress. Blue is said to lower blood pressure and allow people to wake up in a happy mood.

A similar shade of the blue-green is used in the identical blue-green and white checker patterned bed frames. A similar pattern and color is also used in the curtains on the large windows. The colors, but in a different pattern – flowery – is used on the decorative pillows on each bed. The remainder of the furniture uses neutral colors like white and black to balance out the pop of blue-green color. The end tables and pillows use these colors.

The décor pieces of the colorful artwork, the wall-mounted hanging lamps, and the table lamp complete the aesthetic of the room and make it feel homey.

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