Dune Drive Master Bedroom Designed by GailGray Home

Dune Drive Master Bedroom

A master bedroom designed by GailGray Home features home furnishings and accessories to accentuate the home’s location on Dune Drive. The warm, cozy aesthetic of the room is shown through each aspect of the space. The dark-toned wall bring warmth and a sense of maturity to the room. It also contrasts well with the tan panels – allowing both colors to pop. This room also includes a white trim above the tan panels. The dark wood canopy bed takes center stage as it becomes the main focal point and matches well with its surrounding furniture. Although the canopy is a very deep tone, the headboard is a more deep cherry tone and adds a different warm touch. A unique quality of this headboard is the bookcase on the top of it. This adds a sense of maturity to the room.

Similar to the tone of the canopy is the 4×3 drawer dresser and a chest at the end of the bed. Both pieces of furniture provide vast amounts of storage so things can be out of site and the room can stay clean. The tops of each also allow for more accessories and decoration throughout different times of the year. The arm chair with a sort of gray finish pairs well with the bed lines and looks nice against the tan wall panels. While many pieces of the room are more angular, the rounded end tables add a kind of chic aesthetic, especially when topped with the lamps. The space uses accessories like the woven chests, the variety of mirrors, and the bright green plants make the room feel more personal and alive.

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