Dune Drive Guest Bedroom Designed by GailGray Home on the Jersey Shore

Dune Drive Guest Bedroom

This room designed by GailGray Home is adorned with three twin beds and simple stripes. Coastal-inspired furnishings and décor enhance the home’s location on the Jersey shore. The room’s tan walls become illuminated from the large windows letting in the vast amount of natural light. The use of three mounted lamps also adds to the illumination of the room.

The subtle pops of color are used in the bedspreads on the beds located on the outside sections of the room and the unique spread on the bed in the middle of the room. The coastal theme expands into the pillows on each bed (the lobster, the crab, the fish) and the art on each wall. We also have designed the space with a “Jersey Shore” pillow on top of a woven chest.

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