Stones Crossing Laundry Room Furnished and Designed by GailGray Home

Stones Crossing Laundry Room

This spacious Laundry Room was furnished and designed by GailGray Home to enhance the functionality of the space while appealing to the home’s aesthetic. Both the built-in cabinetry and utility sink allow for ample hidden storage, but also provide enough space to fold laundry. The wall that is finished with a pale green, and the cabinetry in the same color, bring a sense of tranquility to the space. The faux tiles act as a backsplash to the utility setup and brings out the lighter colors that are in the multicolored countertop.

The gold and bronze accents bring warmth and elegance to the space and can be seen in the knobs and handles, as well as the sink fixtures and pictures surrounding the grid layout window. The décor adds a personal touch to the space and keeps it soothing and tranquil while washing, drying, and folding the laundry.

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