Stones Crossing Entryway Furnished and Designed by GailGray Home

Stones Crossing Entryway

This Stones Crossing Entryway was furnished and designed by GailGray Home to welcome guests and enhance this home’s architectural characteristics. The main focal point of this entryway is the grand staircase – hence we want to accentuate the features of this space. The tan-toned color on the high ceiling wall creates a simple, yet elegant space. It also allows other patterns and décor to pair well with it. The flower-like wallpaper pattern pairs well with the tan wall and provides elegance and a chic feel. The off white of the flowers match perfectly with the identical chairs along the staircase and add to the flow of the space.

The pendant lighting hanging from the high ceiling illuminates the various décor and design elements. The brown handrail on the stairs matches well with the black upward rails. These tones stand out more because of how well they match the deep wood-toned end table. The end table provides surface space for accessories and decorations like flower pots and lamps. To make the home more personal, there is a shelf on the tan wall that allows space for accessories and even picture frames to complete the homey feel.

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