Florida Residence Dining Room

This Florida Residence Dining Room was designed and furnished with furniture and accessories from GailGray Home. The dining room has an overall neutral tone with a vibrant pop of color. Beginning with the perfect shade of textured greige on the walls, the chairs at the heads of the table fall into the neutral palette of this room. The deeper wood tones in the space are included in pieces such as the shelving, dining room table, and the remainder of the dining room chairs. The chairs are mostly white, with an accent of that deep wood tone.

Accessories and décor work to make a space feel more personal and add a touch of hominess. All of the accessories work in tandem with each other and add just the right amounts of color to make the area pop. For instance, the green pieces on the shelving stand out more because of the bold green rug under the dining room. The gold pieces on the shelving also match the gold framed picture on the wall and the pendant lighting.

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