Foyer and Dining Room Design in Orefield, Pennsylvania

A Statement by Designer Carolyn Gagnon, “When I first met with the owners, they said they were new to the area and that their house had a large foyer and dining room. They didn’t know where to begin to make them look more inviting. They mentioned that they like to entertain and that they were looking for a WOW space. They wanted drama and a timelessly elegant look. As soon as I saw the space, I knew the foyer needed to look like a fancy hotel lobby. Some seating but not a place that you normally stay sitting in for long periods of time, and the walls needed to fill the large area with personality. The dining room had to be navy blue, there really was no other option! Some spaces just tell you what they need to look like, our job is to turn that vision into a reality. The homeowners absolutely love their foyer and dining room now and have been enjoying showing it off to family and friends!”

Design Details

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