Design Details

This Florida Residence was designed and furnished by GailGray Home to create a chic, homey atmosphere. Keeping a neutral color palette allows the space to be calming and gentle on the eye. Using a gray wall color allows a room to seem larger, more airy, clean, and welcoming. The color also complements well with the surrounding furniture. The large canopy bed with a metallic frame adds to the chic aesthetic and makes it eye-catching. This allows the canopy bed to stand out and act as the center of the space.

The neutral palette continues to the identical arm chairs positioned by the large windows that can be shut with curtains of the same tan shade and a subtle flowery pattern. The bed linens brighten up the space – the white attracts the natural light and it bounces off of it to light up the room. The decorative pillows on the bed add definition to the room by adding a gray, plaid pattern. The grayish desk chair matches well with the surrounding neutral tones and contrast well to the deep wood desk.

The deep wood desk is the darkest, boldest piece of furniture in the room. It contrasts perfectly with the other furniture in the room and makes the perfect place to add accessories and décor.

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