Center Valley Sitting Room

This sitting room for a home in Center Valley, Pennsylvania was designed by Anthony Sierra of GailGray Home. Anthony hand-selected the furnishings for this room to enhance the homeowner’s unique style. The highlight of this cozy, elegant sitting area are the two tufted leather chairs that sit across from a timeless, off-white upholstered sofa. The sofa adds a touch of light contrast to the space and adds to the warm coziness. The custom window treatments allow for unique, flower-patterned curtains that pair well with the unique area rug with the warm red tone and a flower-like pattern.

To complete the whole look and feel of the sitting room, the elegant décor pieces invite friends and family to gather, relax and enjoy. The dark wood end table in the middle of the leather armchairs provide space for beautiful flowers, vases, and other décor – or even to set a drinking glass on. Similarly, the coffee table at the center of the room makes the perfect centerpiece and focal point – acting as both a surface for décor, food, drinks, and more. To create a symmetrical layout, identical end tables and surface lamps are placed on either side of the sofa. The burgundy pillows and row of flower pictures brings a personal touch to the room and complete the look.

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