I was recently reflecting on my trip to High Point Market in June, and how thrilled I was to see some of my favorite timeless interior design trends featured. My favorite of all is the use of blues and whites, as well as high-back upholstered pieces and natural materials.

My Favorite Timeless Trends

Blues and Whites

Chinoiserie blue and white porcelain pieces and artwork

While I have always loved blues and whites, this past market trip has taken my passion for blue hues and crisp whites to new heights. Blue and white is an ever-classic, traditional combination that looks fantastic in any season or room. Blue is a fresh color that can work with any style in your home. With its grey undertones and crisp finish, it can serve as either a neutral or a statement color.

This classic color combination dates to 14th-century China, as that is where blue-and-white porcelain was first developed. It blew up in 17th-century Netherlands, which exported Delft glazed earthenware all over Europe. Chinoiserie pieces are everyday staples that are perfect to seamlessly blend in with your décor.

High-Back Upholstered Pieces

Emerald Green High-back Upholstered Chairs

I was pleased to see high-back upholstered pieces, from sofas to chairs, and settees. I love the look of high-back upholstery because it adds an element of sophistication to a piece, as well as bringing height and structure to the space in which it will live.

Natural Materials

Natural Interior Design Materials like wood, stone, baskets and plants

The nature we see around us has long inspired interior design. Timeless decorating often makes use of natural materials, like wood, stone, baskets, and plants. Natural elements are one of the keys to creating a cozy and completed space. 

I can’t wait for you all to see the new pieces I ordered. Be on the look out as they arrive in store. Interested in incorporating timeless interior design trends into your home? Complete our online contact us form or give us a call at (484) 223-3301. #GailGrayHome