Summer Decor Accessories

Summer is almost here, and I am sure many of you feel the same way I do – ready for lots of outdoor gatherings with friends and family. From hosting a small backyard soiree or having your girlfriends over for lunch, designing an outdoor space that reflects your style is a great way to welcome your loved ones back into, and outside of, your home. Whether you have great do-it-yourself decorating skills or want to know some quick tips to create an elegant look, here are some must have summer decor accessories to create a welcoming space.

Summer Decor Accessories for Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor Party Summer Decor Accessories


Not only do they make grand centerpieces, but lanterns are also a fun way to extend your time outdoors into the night by offering additional lighting. You can even use them to camouflage citronella candles to keep unwanted bugs away.

Flame Wave Candles

Rechargeable flame illusion mini modules create a realistic flame effect through the movement of LED bulbs. Each module comes with a USB charging cable and runs 20+ hours per charge. Select your preferred settings with remote capabilities to accommodate your design needs.

Colored Candle Sticks

Candle sticks are perfect for creating centerpieces or adding interest to a serving table. I love this pretty green because it adds a subtle pop of color.

Printed Napkins

Create a theme with printed napkins, and color coordinate your accessories to really give your design that WOW factor. The simplicity of the floral napkins pictured are just perfect for summer with hints of reds, pinks, and yellows, while tying in the green featured in the candle sticks. Did you spot the little lady bugs? They are known symbols of good fortune and that positive change is on the way.


Speaking of lady bugs… I just love to use pillows to bring a cozy, welcoming factor. Pillows empower you to play and have even more fun with your theme of choice.

Textured Glassware

Textured glassware adds just visual interest and is fun for guests to drink from. I chose a clear glass for this set up, but you can choose from a variety of different colors.

Need help with setting up your next get together? Contact us or stop by the store. We can help you shop accessories to create the perfect outdoor summer gathering spot.