The hallmarks of Spring are the abundance of mother nature’s greenery, the long-awaited emergence of the sun, and crisp clean air, all serving as a reminder of our connection to the outdoors. It is a season of renewal and fresh beginnings of another warm season. The first crops of the season are planted in our gardens, anticipating the peas, onions, red beets and spinach that will soon grace our dinner table.

Spring Cleaning and Décor

In this spirit of renewal, I freshen up my home to reflect the lighter airy feel of the season.  While spring cleaning, I de-clutter. I discard the pile of magazines and books that I never seemed to have time to read and collect the décor that has lost its luster to my treasured home.  I gather old pillows, blankets, vases and wall prints and pictures that could use a serious update and donate them to charity to enrich and renew the heart of another home.

I clean each of my spaces with a vision of the sunny days ahead, scrubbing windows until they sparkle like crystal, opening my drapes to allow the sun to cascade in the room. Moving on to the walls of my home, I inspect them for a new coat of paint.  Sharper Impressions painting has a very informative article on the recommended frequency here. The colors of walls in your home serve as a backdrop and if I feel they need an update, I am off to get some inspirational swatches for consideration. The drapes in my space serve as visual anchors, and if I have been considering updating them, I do it in tandem with painting.

Then I am off to my store with a spirit of renewal. Armed with a refreshing paint swatch, I select fabric for a new set of drapes for my dining room. I search for inspiring replacements for the wall art I donated. I look for items that are reminiscent of my travels –  A new cerulean blue pillow that reminds me of an ocean view from an Irish castle is quickly plucked under my arm. A collection of silk flowers paired with a vase reflecting a tablescape I would find in an Italian café.

Spring Inspiration

With my renewed vision, inspiration and joy is everywhere. Happy Spring!

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