Powder Room Design in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Powder Room Design

This space designed by GailGray Home in Center Valley, Pennsylvania brings a rich, bold look and a kind of colonial feel. The room features elegant red wallpaper that is different from normal bathrooms. Many bathrooms and powder rooms aim to keep the space feel calm and relaxing by using neutral, light colors. Instead, this red wallpaper with gold accents brings a bold, but warm feel to the room while also making it feel lively. The red wallpaper stands out well among the white wainscoting and ceiling as well as the lightly marbled countertop.

The luxurious gold fixtures such as the wall-mounted candle lamps, the hand towel holder, and the sink fixtures pair well with the antique vanity and gold-framed mirror. The vanity is full of delicate carvings and vintage handles that add to the colonial feel of the room. To complete the elegance of this room, the glass chandelier hanging beautifully in the center of the ceiling brings the room together.

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