Mount Grove Home Living Room

This Mount Grove Home Living Room was designed by Anthony Sierra of GailGray Home and is the perfect space for gathering and spending a night with friends and family. The neutral color palette allows it to flow perfectly with the surrounding spaces of the home. The large window provides vast amounts of light and illuminates every inch of the living space. There are two sections of this living space that gives ample space for people to sit and gather.

With similar layouts, both spaces have a sofa in front of the window with lamps on each side of the window and identical armchairs on the right side of the sofa. Centered in the room is a deep-toned coffee table. The space in the image on the right is more of a greige-toned space in an asymmetrical layout- beginning with the sectional in front of the window with the deep gray upholstery. The identical armchairs placed next to the sofa are in a lighter gray tone and are placed to attract natural light. They also balance well with the chaise lounge on the sectional. In contrast, the independent standing lamp on the one side and the lamp on the end table add to the asymmetric layout.

Finally, in the remaining two images, the other space has more of a symmetrical layout and more of a tan color palette. The sofa and coffee table act as the center and focal points of the room and feel more balanced with the leather armchair on one side and the identical blue armchairs across the way. The deep-toned end table makes it the perfect center piece for any living room space.

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