Florida Residence Laundry Room

This spacious Florida Residence Laundry Room was designed and furnished by GailGray Home, and offers the proper amount of space to wash, dry, hang, and fold. The white and gray patterned wallpaper brings a sense of simple, yet elegant charm to the room. The paper also pairs well with the tan tile flooring – making it easy to clean up messes and spills. In a similar shade to the tan tile, the countertops above the washing machine and dryer allow for more space for accessories and folding. The same material also extends to around the utility sink. The accessories on the countertop include jars to house dryer sheets and what ever else is needed to do your laundry.

The white flat paneled cabinets bring a chic feel to the space – working well for both the bottom cabinets and the top cabinets. The shelving above the utility sink has a bar underneath to hang clothes to dry. It also provides room for extra storage. The use of dark cabinet handles and sink fixture bring a pop of bold color to the room to make it look less flat.

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