Dune Drive Nautical Guest Bedroom Designed by GailGray Home

Dune Drive Nautical Guest Bedroom

Nautical Guest Bedroom on Dune Drive designed by GailGray Home features a color palette of red, white, and blue, expressing the passion for the sense of freedom that the ocean inspires us with. Throughout the space, the tan painted walls bring some warmth and hominess to the space. Red being the predominant color used, is seen in almost every part of the space. The red checkered-print is used in various parts of the bedroom. The curtains on the windows bring a larger style of checkered print, while the blanket and large pillows on the bed brings a smaller version of the print. The bed frame is also more of a reddish brown to fit the theme. Red is also used in the decorative pillows, the basket under the nightstand, and the accessories on top the nightstand. The identical lamps factor in all three colors of the palette.

The white is used in the artwork, the blanket on the bed, the bench at the end of the bed, and the unique nightstands. Blue is used as an accent color in this room to give those pretty pops of color, but in a subtle way. The lamps and the pillows on the bench represent that color in the theme.

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