Bethlehem Home Family Room Design

Bethlehem Home Family Room

GailGray Home designed this family space that is mixed with various designs, accessories, and colors. This makes it a great place to host gatherings or even to sit back and relax

The layout of this room provides not only symmetry but also leads your eye to a focal point. The L-shaped couch fits perfectly into the corner and acts as the main part of the room. The neutral tone of the couch allows it to complement the shade of the walls and the accent colors of the pictures, curtains, pillows, and other tabletop accessories.

Everything in this room has a personality to it. The pictures on the wall show a sense of playfulness. The teal shade of the curtains, the pillows, and the accessories on the table. Using the color teal, one received the calmness of blue and the energy of green.

The tabletop accessories work to bring the space together and work cohesively. Although the colors feel summery, they can be paired with other décor for other times of the year. This makes the space even more versatile.

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