Bethany Beach Home

This area designed and furnished by GailGray Home features a beach-inspired color palette of greige and light blue. These colors pay homage to the home’s location. The light colors bring an uplifting atmosphere to the space.

Greige is the perfect neutral interior design color because it is the perfect balance of beige and grey. The color is known for being versatile and simple as it complements well with both warm and cool color palettes.

The light blue provides a sense of feeling, cool, calm, and collected. This makes it perfect for a place of relaxation. In this space, we used the light blue as the accent color with the pillows and lamps. The light blue complements the greige of the furniture and the white of the walls and curtains.

The shelving and end tables are perfect to decorate and place knick-knacks on all year round. The dark end tables add that deep contrast of color to a bright room

Don’t you want to sit back and relax in your own beach inspired space?

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