Living Room Seating

Different types of living room seating for any style

Whether it is a movie night with family, or a house party with friends, the living room serves as a gathering space and brings everyone together. When you think about the most important elements of a living room, seating is one of the first that comes to mind. The seating you choose for your living room sets the tone for how you feel in the space. It should not only be comfortable but also a reflection of your personal style. Let’s discuss the different types of seating and how they can be used in your home.

Spool Chairs

Also known as a “Carver chair”, this simplistic design of seating dates back to the 17th century. What makes this seating style unique is that the frame is made entirely from components that are turned or run through a lathe. The minimalist decoration keeps the chair classic and allows it to work with many different styles of spaces. This particular chair type also happens to be a favorite of mine! We’ve had many spool chair selections in the store over the years.

Two spool chairs sit on either side of a fireplace

Chaise Sofa vs Standard Sofa

Although the chaise lounge has similarities to that of a sofa, it has unique qualities. The chaise is perfect for you to stretch out while still sitting upright – making it the perfect comfort seat for relaxing, napping, or even reading.

In contrast, a sofa is meant for multiple people to use at one time. Sofas are meant for sitting with ample back support. Chaises and sofas can work together quite well in a space.


Armchairs are perfect accents to any living space. The qualities of the armchair make it not only stylish but very comfortable and unique. To keep the seat comfortable, it all begins with the frame – which creates the structure, durability, and overall design. In addition to the frame, the rails work to add to the structure. Common in armchairs, the seat cushion is meant to make the chair comfortable – the use of soft upholstery material adds even more comfort.

Brown leather armchairs to accent a living space

Make a Home

Create the style you want in your home and complete it with accessories, décor, and more from our store. Contact our interior design team to learn more.

Now is the perfect time to update your living room seating with a stunning new sofa, swivel chair, ottoman and everything in between! Our Semi-Annual C.R. Laine Custom Upholstery Sale runs until February 28th. Stop by the store or book an appointment with one of our designers now.

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