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Holiday Traditions

As we head into the holiday season, my favorite thing to think about is all of the holiday traditions, old and new, that we get to celebrate with our loved ones! It seems like the last few years have thrown life off balance and traditions are a great way to help us all feel more grounded. As time goes by, some traditions change, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a way for us to create new ones! Families grow, friends move away, children spread their wings and new traditions are born! After Covid created so many changes in the economy and how we now live our lives, we at GailGray have had to make changes to some of the traditions we used to take for granted. Our Holiday Open House of the Pre-Covid world was one of our customer’s (and our team’s) favorite tradition. However, it appears we need to adjust the way we kick off our holiday season. Between staff shortages, supply chain issues, and social distancing, I think we can all agree that it has become time for new holiday traditions at GailGray.  

This year, we will begin decorating much earlier than in the past and build up to the season instead of unveiling Christmas at our Holiday Open House. We have had many customers asking when our Christmas décor will be available for purchase and we have decided to start creating displays the second week of October and continue adding to them throughout the month. We value the safety of our team and our customers, so we wanted to give ample time for everyone to stop by and get in the spirit of the season in our beautifully decorated but quaint store. We will be fully decorated by the beginning of November and on Thursday, November 3rd, we will be “officially” kicking off the holiday season with our “Home for the Holidays Event.” That day, we will be serving up warm apple cider, hot cocoa, and treats as well as holding a raffle to win a $100 Gift Card or a stunning custom-designed holiday arrangement! Our hope is that this holiday season, you will enjoy stopping in to visit us whenever you are in the Promenade Shops and are inspired by our beautifully decorated store! 

I am excited to start this new tradition and to be able to share it with you all!

Warm wishes,

Carolyn’s “Signature”