Christmas home decor and gifts

Oh, how I love to go all out to give customers the perfect holiday gift ideas. People come to our store to find a unique gift for someone special. Why search endlessly online and deal with shipping delays when you can come to our store and find exactly what you’re looking for – or perhaps something even better? 

The idea of stand-alone vases and flowers is long behind us. Instead, give the gift of a custom arrangement with a variety of elements that can be used over and over again. As we continue to decorate the store for the holidays, I came across some of my favorite holiday pieces perfect for any arrangement. 

Give Some Greenery

As I mentioned in my previous blog about holiday decorations, greenery is a type that is perfect for both fall and winter holidays – especially with hints of other natural elements like pine and berries. These pieces can spice up parts in your home whether it’s draped along the mantle, wrapped around the staircase, or used as part of the centerpiece on the table. 

A Special Meaning

Can you ever have too many ornaments? The answer is no! Putting ornaments on the tree is like bringing up fond memories. Most, if not all, have a special meaning to us. The more ornaments you get, the more memories you have. Who doesn’t have an ornament that when they pull it out of the box they can tell exactly where it came from and when? Maybe there is a story behind the ornaments.

Simple Accessories

Accessories add more pizzazz to any room or area. There are accessories specific to certain holidays or times of the year. My last holiday gift idea breaks away from that. Sometimes that end table in your living room needs the daintiest little accent to make any arrangement pop. Areas like end tables or even your dining room table can benefit from candleholders and vases added to your decoration in some way. They can be in neutral shades or have those pops of color that can be great conversation pieces.

Gifts of any size are sure to make the most of someone’s day. Especially if it is something they can use for the years to come. Happy holidays from all of us at GailGray Home!

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