Fall Decorating in 2020

As the leaves turn shades of bronze, orange, yellow and red, our eyes turn from the bright florals of summer to the warm tones of fall. We escape the heat of August into the cooler temperatures of September and start to gravitate to the indoors, and the comfort foods of the season. Warm apple pies in the oven and pumpkin spice candles fill the air.  Indoor dining season has begun.

Fall Decorating in 2020

In the dining room, gone are the formal white tablecloths in favor of natural wood tones.  Mirrored wall scones grace the room with warm flickering light.  Gorgeous Emerald Green hurricane lamps transition easily from Thanksgiving to Christmas and a generous bouquet of fall leaves bring the outdoors inside. Luxuriously padded dining chairs facilitate a comfortable and lingering dinner party with family and friends.

Layering decorations adds warm and thoughtful texture to the space. Utilizing a stack of books to bring the centerpiece to proper height is a clever trick I learned oh so many years ago. A pair of tall crisp lamps are enhanced by a backdrop of mirrors grace the fireplace mantel. The table centerpiece is reflected again, by a matching garland overflowing on the fireplace ledge. The eye is drawn throughout the space in an easy yet interested manner. Colors are repeated to achieve this visual ease. The black linen lampshades are given a nod by the black candlesticks adorning the table.

Dining Room Fall Decorating in 2020

On the opposite side of the room is a buffet server, perfect for storing serving pieces and a place to rest appetizers and a dessert and cheese presentation. The red wood tones are reflected in the dining table with both adorned with brass accents.

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