Hallmark Holiday Mantel

While stockings are great, it’s time to up your mantel decorating game. Follow these tips to have your mantel looking worthy of a Holiday Hallmark feature.

Creating a Hallmark Holiday Mantel by GailGray Home

Use faux greenery to build your base. In my opinion, more is better. Spread it across the entire mantel so it looks like your other decorations are sitting in freshly fallen timber, or just line the back of the mantel for a more subtle look. You can also use greenery to add height to the back of your display.

Faux Greenery for Decorating a Christmas Fireplace Mantel

I know some people love their real Christmas trees, and I’m with you! There’s something so special about that live tree smell and the memory of bringing it home with your family. But, I promise you, our faux greenery is so full, lush, and realistic, it won’t look out of place next to your live tree. We offer a wide variety of greens so you can match it to your tree or find something complementary.

Silver and Gold Christmas Decorations

Once you have your greenery down, now it’s time to select your decorations. Personally, I think the Christmas carol “Silver and Gold” got it right. I love the contrast between earth greens and glittering decorations. Add some twinkling lights to complement your sparkly silver and gold.

Candle Holder Holiday Decoration

Or, if you want a more traditional look, consider adding some statement candles at either end of your mantel. I love this glass holder that reminds me of an old lantern or streetlight. Add some berries around the base of the candle to give your display a little color.

Holiday Mugs, Cookies, Candy Canes, and Decorations

Finally, don’t forget the cookies for Santa! Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to put out your plate of treats. Cookies and other candy like Candy Canes can be great elements to add a little fun to your mantel. Just make sure to keep a few fresh in the kitchen to eat!

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