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Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun and enjoyable….no stress.   Whether it is a family gathering holiday tradition or your time to shine and be creative, here a few simple, easy tips to follow.

1.  Make sure you have enough lights.  My rule of thumb is 100 lights per foot of tree.  Weave the lights throughout the tree not only on the tips of the branches.

2.  Pick a theme and color palette.  This could be old time traditional, winter wonderland, woodsy charm, glitz and glam…the sky’s the limit.  One to three colors seems to work best.

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3.  Start at the top.  This is the crowning glory so pick a great topper.  For years, we only used stars or angels on the top of the tree but, now, be creative…..if your theme is a fun reindeer tree like the one above, why not crown your tree with a twig reindeer?

photo 52

4.  Next is the ribbon or garland, woven throughout the tree.  Like the lights, the garland should travel inside and outside.

photo 50

5.  A great tree has a mixture of small, medium and large ornaments.  Place high impact items around the center of the tree.  These do not need to be traditional holiday ornaments.

One year I took my Byers Choice carolers and wired them in my tree.  I had one for every member of my family singing joyously throughout.  Wish I had taken a photo.

photo 36

6.  Don’t forget the bottom of your tree.  Keep the flow going all the way to the bottom and bottom off with a beautiful tree skirt or, if now I have you thinking out of the box, you can use a tablecloth, lovely urn, Grandma’s quilt………….etc!!!!!  Not sure you can see in the above photo but this little tree is surrounded by elves feet underneath.

Happy Trimming!!!!