GailGray Home Holiday Open House Event

20th Annual Holiday Open House


Celebrate the coming of the holiday season by joining us for our 20th Annual Holiday Open House on November 7th! GailGray Home will be a winter wonderland filled to the brim with magical holiday decor, gift ideas galore, glorious scents, smells and sounds of the season. The doors to our holiday wonderland open at 5:00 PM, and the fun lasts until 9:00 PM.

Make your table as memorable as your holiday with pieces from our hand-selected collection of glass and dishware. Shop accessories that will keep the party going, like champagne flutes or placard holders for seating that can double as party gifts. Warm your home with glowing candles scented of the season, like pine and cinnamon.

The halls are decked, the trees are trimmed, and the mantels are decorated. Now we just need you to make our annual holiday kickoff complete. We’ll be serving Prosecco and passing appetizers. Bring your friends and your camera! We can’t wait to see you.

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Our turnout last yearwas so spectacular, we shared some photos below for you to view.

7 Tips to Get Your Lighting Right!!

Holidays are coming!

Aqua Lamp

Lighting can make a huge difference in the interior environment of your home.  Good lighting, used properly helps you to see better and perform tasks more easily.  It provides safety, security and a sense of comfort.  Lighting and lighting control also provides you with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of your home……….so, if you want your home to look and feel warm and cozy, light the fireplace and bring down the lights!

1. Canned lighting. While those canned lights in the ceiling provide a plethora of light, they can be harsh and unforgiving when illuminated to the fullest. The shadows they throw make anyone look tired and unattractive….especially those over a certain, unforgiving age!  Make sure your canned lights are on a dimmer and used for ambient lighting only, not task lighting.

2. Mix it up. Don’t be afraid of choosing different styles and sizes of lamps and chandeliers.  The rule of thumb years ago was that everything had to match….no more.  You can add sparkle, color and interest in the room by mixing finishes, shapes and textures.

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