Twice yearly the High Point Furniture Market is held in High Point, North Carolina.  It is the premier furniture and home accessories market in the world and attracts thousands of buyers and designers to ooh and aay over new trends, colors and styles.

JT, Bubsy and I  made the 8 hour drive and stayed 3 days in our version of heaven on earth!!!!  Everywhere we looked, there were saturated shades of yellow, orange, pink, green, purple but the one color in every showroom and every hue was blue – all variations from turquoise to cobalt.



Blue is versatile and pairs well with many colors.  I can hear my mother saying “Green is nature’s color………….it goes with everything” but when you think about blue, it also surrounds us in nature…….blue sky, blue sea.


This display won my heart……..I am head over heals in love with classic and timeless navy and white paired with a pop of orange.





Oh…………….the green and blue themes were to die for as you can see.  CR Laine did a fabulous job in their showroom.   So warm and inviting.


Sherrill’s showroom also splurged with blue……love the accents against the background of black and white…so classic but on the edge and fun.


Another Sherrill room………..notice how the white pops the background blue and brings the room alive. The bookcase is black with white and blue accents inside.

All our wonderful purchases from market are now arriving at GailGray.  Stop in and check out the gorgeous accessories, lamps, artwork, mirrors and furniture.



Is it Gray or Grey?

The color gray/grey has gotten a bad rap — gray hair, gray day! Of course, there is a positive gray —- GailGray!

First question, which is the correct spelling?   Actually both are correct.   In British English, the spelling is typically spelled “Grey” but in American English, it is typically spelled “Gray”. Of course, for me, the color “GRAY” is always spelled with an A!

It’s time to forget your dreary images of gray because the sun is shining on this multidimensional color and it is HOT, HOT, HOT in the world of interior design. From Charcoal to Dove, pick a shade and it is huge right now. Why not add some gray to your day?

Gray is an ideal choice for your home furnishings. It is neutral, not beige, loves any color you put with it and gives warmth to any room….a timeless classic, from traditional to modern. How about this gray sofa which you can add orange, yellow, green, red, blue accents…you name it!



The four drawer dresser in a light gray paint would fit in any room and décor. Look at the royal blue jars on top….quite stunning.


Check out this gray and cream neutral bedding. Why not paint the wall charcoal to make this bed pop? Don’t you want to crawl right in?


So if you want a timeless classic (think gray men’s gabardine suits, Nantucket weathered cottages ) or a bit edgy (exposed pipes in an industrial loft)…..go GRAY!

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