Holiday Entertainment Seminar

GailGray Home will be hosting a Holiday Entertainment Seminar on Thursday, November 29th at their store, located in The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley. There will be two times available for registration, one in the afternoon @ 1:00pm and one in the evening @ 6:00pm. Light refreshments will be served.

holiday entertainment seminar at GailGray Home in Saucon Valley, PA















“Over the top beautiful” is what you’ll say after you take this class and make your holiday’s extra special! We’ll show you easy and creative ways to build a centerpiece, set a table, or accessorize a buffet that you won’t want to put away until after the holiday season.  We will be ready to guide and delight your senses with plenty of design ideas.

The cost to attend this seminar is $15.00 per person. To register, please call the store at 484-223-3301 and ask for Debbie, or you can email her directly at

When registering, please specify which seminar and time you wish to attend! Full payment is required at time of registration (non-refundable).

Register now, before it’s too late!

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GailGray Home Holiday Open House Event

19th Annual Holiday Open House

GailGray Home Holiday Open House Event











Celebrate the coming of the holiday season by joining us for our 19th Annual Holiday Open House on November 8! GailGray Home will be a winter wonderland filled to the brim with magical holiday decor, gift ideas galore, glorious scents, smells and sounds of the season. The doors to our holiday wonderland open at 5:00 PM, and the fun lasts until 9:00 PM.

Make your table as memorable as your holiday with pieces from our hand-selected collection of glass and dishware. Shop accessories that will keep the party going, like champagne flutes or placard holders for seating that can double as party gifts. Warm your home with glowing candles scented of the season, like pine and cinnamon.

The halls are decked, the trees are trimmed, and the mantels are decorated. Now we just need you to make our annual holiday kickoff complete. We’ll be serving Prosecco and passing appetizers. Bring your friends and your camera! We can’t wait to see you.

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Our turnout last year was so spectacular, we shared some photos below for you to view.






Best of the Valley 2017- Interior Design Services

Best of the Valley 2017

GailGray Home won Best Interior Designer for the best of the Valley 2017.

Best of LV-interior design

2017 Faces of the Lehigh Valley

GailGray Home was recognized as one of the 2017 Faces of the Valley for “The Face of Furnishing your Dream”.

Faces of LV


Twice yearly the High Point Furniture Market is held in High Point, North Carolina.  It is the premier furniture and home accessories market in the world and attracts thousands of buyers and designers to ooh and aay over new trends, colors and styles.

JT, Bubsy and I  made the 8 hour drive and stayed 3 days in our version of heaven on earth!!!!  Everywhere we looked, there were saturated shades of yellow, orange, pink, green, purple but the one color in every showroom and every hue was blue – all variations from turquoise to cobalt.



Blue is versatile and pairs well with many colors.  I can hear my mother saying “Green is nature’s color………….it goes with everything” but when you think about blue, it also surrounds us in nature…….blue sky, blue sea.


This display won my heart……..I am head over heals in love with classic and timeless navy and white paired with a pop of orange.





Oh…………….the green and blue themes were to die for as you can see.  CR Laine did a fabulous job in their showroom.   So warm and inviting.


Sherrill’s showroom also splurged with blue……love the accents against the background of black and white…so classic but on the edge and fun.


Another Sherrill room………..notice how the white pops the background blue and brings the room alive. The bookcase is black with white and blue accents inside.

All our wonderful purchases from market are now arriving at GailGray.  Stop in and check out the gorgeous accessories, lamps, artwork, mirrors and furniture.




photo 22

Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun and enjoyable….no stress.   Whether it is a family gathering holiday tradition or your time to shine and be creative, here a few simple, easy tips to follow.

1.  Make sure you have enough lights.  My rule of thumb is 100 lights per foot of tree.  Weave the lights throughout the tree not only on the tips of the branches.

2.  Pick a theme and color palette.  This could be old time traditional, winter wonderland, woodsy charm, glitz and glam…the sky’s the limit.  One to three colors seems to work best.

photo 91











3.  Start at the top.  This is the crowning glory so pick a great topper.  For years, we only used stars or angels on the top of the tree but, now, be creative…..if your theme is a fun reindeer tree like the one above, why not crown your tree with a twig reindeer?

photo 52

4.  Next is the ribbon or garland, woven throughout the tree.  Like the lights, the garland should travel inside and outside.

photo 50

5.  A great tree has a mixture of small, medium and large ornaments.  Place high impact items around the center of the tree.  These do not need to be traditional holiday ornaments.

One year I took my Byers Choice carolers and wired them in my tree.  I had one for every member of my family singing joyously throughout.  Wish I had taken a photo.

photo 36

6.  Don’t forget the bottom of your tree.  Keep the flow going all the way to the bottom and bottom off with a beautiful tree skirt or, if now I have you thinking out of the box, you can use a tablecloth, lovely urn, Grandma’s quilt………….etc!!!!!  Not sure you can see in the above photo but this little tree is surrounded by elves feet underneath.

Happy Trimming!!!!





Wonderful Greens for Beautiful Holiday Decor



When I go to market to handpick all the beautiful holiday decor that will be showcased at GailGray, it is definitely overwhelming, but oh so much fun!  I am in my element for sure and my heart sings!!

One of my most important and time consuming purchases, is finding great and affordable greenery for the holidays  These are the basis of all gorgeous, lush displays.  To build show-stopping arrangements….the secret is Great Faux Greenery.

Masterful Centerpiece 


This centerpiece began with a 6 foot snowy green garland with baby pine cones, fluffed with care to make it more natural and realistic.  We then added the “icing”….sparkly ornaments hanging from the candlesticks, black and  white houndstooth ribbon flowing through, red beaded garland and oh so wonderful battery operated string of lights.  These lights are a treasure for all the places, like a dining table, where a electric set simply does not work.  They add drama and sparkle to every room.

Think  Outside the Box












JT, our interior designer and “make it gorgeous guy” had an inspiration to create this magnificent “chandelier”.   The base is a large green wreath hung from a chain wrapped in garland.   He added red berries for color, gold ornaments in different shapes and sizes, glass teardrop ornaments for sparkle and the crowning touch is a lantern in the center with a lamp inside. Wallah… to behold!

I always add extra to my greens in my home…….picks in the garland on the staircase to make it fuller, different picks, stems and branches on my mantle to give it more interest and color….and, of course, “WOW”  like the chandelier above….really WOW!!

Greens on the Table



This lovely centerpiece on a cocktail table began with the candle ring pictured above.  Sheer genius!!!   The large wreath with pine cones was placed on top but any size wreath can be used.   We added ornaments, a pretty serving plate in the middle with gold swirly glasses on top.

One important tip when placing and designing your creation…..always fluff and make your greens look natural, not flat.  Tuck the stems so not in sight.

Dress Up Your Mirror  


In the snapshot above, green picks were placed in the corner of a mirror with feathers and ornaments.   You can do the same thing with artwork, windows …..any little corner crying for softness and pizzazz.

I used to decorate with real greens because I love the smell of the pine and the natural look.   But now, I use faux as they have come so very far in their natural appearance and now I am not cleaning up dripping sap and needles.

Imagine the Possibilities

photo 56

We, at GailGray are more than happy to help you design and decorate your home for the holidays.  Give us a call or bring a photo to the store with your holiday design/decorating dilemma.






7 Tips to Get Your Lighting Right!!

Holidays are coming!

Aqua Lamp

Lighting can make a huge difference in the interior environment of your home.  Good lighting, used properly helps you to see better and perform tasks more easily.  It provides safety, security and a sense of comfort.  Lighting and lighting control also provides you with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of your home……….so, if you want your home to look and feel warm and cozy, light the fireplace and bring down the lights!

1. Canned lighting. While those canned lights in the ceiling provide a plethora of light, they can be harsh and unforgiving when illuminated to the fullest. The shadows they throw make anyone look tired and unattractive….especially those over a certain, unforgiving age!  Make sure your canned lights are on a dimmer and used for ambient lighting only, not task lighting.

2. Mix it up. Don’t be afraid of choosing different styles and sizes of lamps and chandeliers.  The rule of thumb years ago was that everything had to match….no more.  You can add sparkle, color and interest in the room by mixing finishes, shapes and textures.

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Is it Gray or Grey?

The color gray/grey has gotten a bad rap — gray hair, gray day! Of course, there is a positive gray —- GailGray!

First question, which is the correct spelling?   Actually both are correct.   In British English, the spelling is typically spelled “Grey” but in American English, it is typically spelled “Gray”. Of course, for me, the color “GRAY” is always spelled with an A!

It’s time to forget your dreary images of gray because the sun is shining on this multidimensional color and it is HOT, HOT, HOT in the world of interior design. From Charcoal to Dove, pick a shade and it is huge right now. Why not add some gray to your day?

Gray is an ideal choice for your home furnishings. It is neutral, not beige, loves any color you put with it and gives warmth to any room….a timeless classic, from traditional to modern. How about this gray sofa which you can add orange, yellow, green, red, blue accents…you name it!



The four drawer dresser in a light gray paint would fit in any room and décor. Look at the royal blue jars on top….quite stunning.


Check out this gray and cream neutral bedding. Why not paint the wall charcoal to make this bed pop? Don’t you want to crawl right in?


So if you want a timeless classic (think gray men’s gabardine suits, Nantucket weathered cottages ) or a bit edgy (exposed pipes in an industrial loft)…..go GRAY!

Fall – My Favorite Season

It seems very fitting that my first blog will be during this beautiful fall season. Yes, the days are getting shorter and the air crisper, but the colors are glorious. Time for pumpkins, cornhusks, dried corn (except when the squirrels find it!), leaves ablaze and mums in every color.

Decorating for fall is fun and easy. You can entertain, enjoy family and friends with no other demands like buying gifts, sending cards, wrapping presents.

Here, at GailGray, we “do” fall in a big way – adore this vignette JT put together.


How do you like our pumpkin turkey – yes, it is a real pumpkin with a metal turkey kit. How cute is this for your Thanksgiving centerpiece?


Our antique stove is full of leaves and Pumpkin Bread!


Our antique stove is full of leaves and Pumpkin Bread!

What a lovely mantle in neutrals but still screams fall.



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