A Look at Books

Every room seams cozier surrounded by books.

What would I do without my books? I love to read a good novel in my comfy chair by the fire, on the beach, on the airplane and even, in the car. I always buy hardback books. The price difference is minimal and I add to my collection of displayed books in my home. Soft cover books always end up behind closed doors!

Of course, books in a bookcase is a no brainer. They are the background and soul of the shelves but I try to make it more interesting by adding other items… photos, faux greenery, bookends, accents, artwork and even a small lamp especially if your shelves are glass.


Use books to raise things up!

This lamp in my living room was just too short and inefficient for task lighting. Love, love the lamp and solved the problem easily by making it taller by placing books under the base. This way I could make it the exact height I needed.


Think outside the bookcase!


Look what JT did with our books that are coverless!!! Don’t throw away those antique books. Wrap them in twine and display. What great texture and fun.




Do you have a tall cabinet, bookcase, kitchen cabinets that drop down behind the top molding? You would love to put a decorative piece on top? Build it up with books.

Take the covers off!

Books are so much prettier displayed when you can see the binding and not the shiny paper cover.

The one alternative to this if you don’t like the multitude of color and want a more neutral or monochromatic look, you can take the cover off and turn it inside out. All your books will be white. Or cover your books with complimentary wallpaper or wrapping paper to match your decor. Remember your skills from grade school when you had to cover all the books with that horrid paper. Another tip, flip the books around so the pages face out.


My favorite books for years to display are my antique books. What ambiance they add to any room. When you walk through GailGray, take a look and notice how many design elements in the store include our antique books. They are timeless and fun.